Adrian is an English writer who lives in central France with his trusty dog Marlowe. Together they bring you walks and stories from the highways and byways of rural southern Touraine. Marlowe often puts in his pennyworth too, sharing the canine perspective on things!

Adrian est un écrivain anglais qui habite dans le Centre de la France avec son chien fidèle Marlowe. Ensemble ils explorent les chemins de traverse de Touraine du Sud, vous proposant les balades et les histoires insolites de la France profonde. Marlowe a souvent son mot à dire aussi, partageant ainsi la perspective canine!

Adrian Mathews

Adrian Mathews is a British writer living in France. He was born in London to a Czech mother and English father. He read English literature at Cambridge University, graduating with a double first, and remained there as a Bye-Fellow before moving to France to work as a lecturer in French universities and for many years at the University of London in Paris. Subsequently he worked as English-language advisor at the French Prime Minister’s office Centre for Strategic Analysis, the government’s policy-defining unit. He has also worked as a translator, a voice actor and Senior Editor for an international initiative to promote innovation in education.

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